Summer is not over for me yet!  I have been making this fresh pineapple frozen yogurt recipe and it is getting devoured in our house!  We are eating it scooped in a bowl, frozen in popsicle molds and I have made batches and froze in ice cube trays and it is perfect for smoothies!  It’s light and fresh and 3 ingredients.  You can’t go wrong!

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I am really loving pineapple this year.   I mean loving it so much that I made a Pineapple Gift box and had to make another because I couldn’t bear to part with the first one!  I am not even kidding!  This delicious pineapple frozen yogurt was adapted from my 4 ingredient Peach Frozen Yogurt.  It’s light, it’s creamy and it’s amazing!

To start out get a fresh pineapple.   I look for heavy pineapples that is firm but still have a bit of give when I squeeze them. It’s OK if the pineapple is still green, that does not mean it’s under-ripe.  i also give it a good sniff (close to the bottom of the pineapple) You will know it’s a good one when it smells sweet and pineapple-y!  <—yep that’s a word!

Slice the pineapple in half long ways and then I use a knife and cut slices in the flesh of the pineapple in criss crosses, making sure to NOT cut through the shell of the Pineapple if you want to use it as a serving dish!    Note:  Pineapple’s have cores so I just kind of cut around that.

This is also my afternoon indulgence.  I can fully enjoy it knowing this snack is free of all preservatives and additives and it’s healthy!  I didn’t do all that work using the 21 Day Fix to throw it all away and I was not ready to throw away my afternoon snack!  It’s a win-win.

  • 1 each Fresh Pineapple flesh cubed
  • 1 single serving yogurt 5.3 ounce or 150g I used Greek
  • 2-3 tablespoons Honey (quantity will vary depending on Pineapple sweetness)

  1. Slice Pineapple in half and score flesh with a knife. Remove flesh cubes using spoon and place into blender.
  2. Add honey and yogurt to blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Honey amount will depend on the sweetness of your pineapple.
  3. Pour into a loaf pan and freeze for 1 hour.
  4. Mix the yogurt and return to freezer. Repeat this for 3 more hours.
  5. Serve from loaf pan or transfer to hollow pineapple shell for serving.

recipes adapted by : www.thatswhatchesaid.net