If you are looking for a special dessert for two, this is it. This recipe has several steps, but they are all very easy and the final product is totally delicious. What a way to top off a romantic meal!!

Preheat your oven to 325 and line a mini-loaf pan (6" x 3" x 2") with foil. The foil will help you lift the baked cheesecake out of the pan after it is chilled, so make the foil ends long enough to grab on to. Spray with vegetable spray and set aside.

Make the raspberry sauce: In a sauce pan, heat up 1 cup of raspberries (I used frozen) and ¼ cup of white sugar. Bring to a simmer and mash the berries as they cook. When berries are all soft, thicken with a slurry of 1 tablespoon corn starch mixed with 1 tablespoon water. Stir until berries are nice a thick. Press through fine mesh strainer. Set aside.

Make crust: Mix ½ cup graham cracker crumbs, 1 tablespoon white sugar and 1 tablespoon melted butter. When thoroughly mixed together, press into the bottom of the foil lined mini-loaf pan. Set aside.

Make filling: Melt ¼ cup of white chocolate chips with 1 tablespoon cream and set aside. In a bowl, with an electric mixer, cream 3 ounces of room temperature cream cheese and 2 tablespoons sugar. When thoroughly creamed, add 1 egg white, ½ teaspoon vanilla and 2 teaspoons all purpose flour (don't over beat). Stir in melted white chocolate chips.

Pour half of the batter onto the crumb crust and top with half of the berry mixture. Top with the second half of the batter then decorate the top with the rest of the berry mixture. *see note

Water bath: Place the mini-loaf pan (with cheesecake in it) inside of a larger pan (I used a 9" cake pan) and pour very hot water into the larger pan, making sure that the hot water comes half way up on the sides of the mini-loaf pan.

Bake in a 325 oven for 28 to 33 minutes (my oven takes 33 minutes). The cheesecake is done when you gently tap the side of the pan and the cheesecake sort of jiggles (kind of like jello).

Cool for 30 minutes in the pan, then chill for at least 3 hours. To serve, lift the cheesecake out of the mini-loaf pan (using the foil "handles") then cut it into two pieces.

NOTE: You don't have to strain the seeds out of the raspberries if you don't want to. To decorate the top of the cheesecake, I spooned small amounts of the berrys in a random pattern, then ran the tip of a toothpick through the berries to make a design.

more recipe @ coleensrecipes.blogspot.com